Welcome to Shockwave!

Welcome to Shockwave,

Here we not only try to establish a brand, but a lifestyle. After years of living on this earth, forces of mediocrity and greatness kept clashing within me. As a child I always wanted the simple life. A life where I didn’t need much. I could stare at the sky all day, maybe have a wife and kids, watch them grow up and enjoy the simple beauty of life each day.

However, the sense of adventure always grabbed me. I could only dream about the true beauty of this world and wanted to experience it to its fullest.This thrill for an adventure and to start something new grew stronger and stronger each day inside of me. To be best version of myself, to set crazy goals for myself and just go for it, regardless of the outcome. A true adventure indeed. However, each day my spirit was defeated again and again. Why am I being defeated? I fall into a deep state of inertia, where I feel nothing. No thrill to live, nor a desire to die. Just waiting for the time to pass… But, I don’t understand, how did I get here!?!? What happened?!  If it is what I wanted, why does each evening end with me sitting in my chair only fantasizing about what could be? A truly depressing sight when you think about it. But the truth is, a majority of people probably feel this way. Each day our youthful energy and our inner child with all of it’s glorious dreams slowly fade away…

I say enough! For too long has my life has been slipped away to due my own weakness. I know within me exists an unbeatable willpower and I shall rise to meet it!  What will happen then, who will I become and what will I do? I do not know, but that is the adventure. To have confidence in ones own strength, aim for your endgoal, and enjoy the journey. It’s time to begin the shockwave.



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