What is Shockwave about?

Power, courage and glory. Closing your eyes and following your inner desire to be the greatest you can be. To get the greatest treasure you can find. Men have lost the thrill for adventure and battle. And it’s about time to reclaim your inner dreams. Reawaken the spirit in you to dominate, to penetrate the world with your vision. To give the world a true Shockwave.

It’s to be or not to be. To continue living a life you have been programmed to do by society your entire life. Trying to desperately fill an inner void. It's either that or to break free and reclaim your inner child. The world is yours. Be free! This is your revolution. Burn all ships behind you, and choose to be a revolutionary treasure hunter.

That is what Shockwave is about. We inspire to make clothing, artwork and media to capture this vibe. Everything from the fabric, fit and print should make you feel truly unstoppable and glorious. To further enhance the vibe, we have videos, music in production. Stay tuned for more.

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