To be legendary is what we proclaim
It's an energy that none can contain
nothing to lose and everything to gain
Here comes Shockwave, entering the game

Are you wearing Shockwave?

The Clothing Brand

The creators of Shockwave were never interested in creating a clothing brand.

They are interested in legends and glory. Having set their eyes on an unattainable goal, they still found themselves to be stuck in mediocrity.

In mediocrity a man slowly dies. The question arises, will one stay dead, or come back with a vengence...

It all starts with one moment, one choice, which is to create a Shockwave.

The clothing brand became a commercial enterprise as a means to start our vibe. To perform the revolotionary labor,
and to transform the inner spirit.

Where will this journey take us? Only time will tell. All we know is that we are here to shockwave the world.

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