Hi there and welcome to Shockwave. I have been working towards this brand unknowingly for years now. In this time I have been sucking up knowledge like a black hole and using every breath to make my life the best it can be. And I have a feeling this is only the start. We can build up a true shockwave and make life on earth as it is meant to be: EPIC. While this does not necessarily be for everyone, there is a magic missing in this world, despite most of us live practically as kings. In my adventure I have stumbled across likeminded people and we are expanding right now. Join us on this journey! Join the wave!


As a final note I wish to address something personal. Just like a book I want to dedicate my success to people. Specifically my parents. Mom, Dad, while our relationship and life may have been far from perfect and we have stumbled upon some difficult time together. Your love are the jewels of my life and I dedicate all my success to you. I will always keep you in my heart. I hope these words reach the depths of your soul and will bless you forever.