We never wanted this”

The creators of Shockwave never were interested in launching a clothing apparel. They never wanted to create a successful commercial enterprise in the world of fashion.

For what honor will come to a man who knows he is destined to become a warrior, but earns his living dressing others? What self respect can a man build from a lifetime of stitching, cutting and sewing? What glory awaits those who creatively prostitute themselves in the court of public opinion for financial gain? 

The founders of this fashion house do not have a commercial-friendly story behind their business nor do they have an inspirational, sustainable or mental health message behind our clothes. What we have….. is a dangerously unstable hunger for conquest

“An intense hunger lurks inside”

When we where young we had dreams. Dreams to become legendary. To ascend into adventurous destiny. Dreams to become immortalized through a rapturous conquest of life. Such was the youthful glamour we once enjoyed.  

But slowly, over the course of years, it had become apparent to use that we found ourselves trapped in mediocrity. We were working the same empty and unsatisfying jobs, found ourselves caring about
the opinions of those who we considered to be sheep and were stuck in a loop of fantasies and corporate entertainment.  

No! We had to get away. We had to escape.
An intense hunger was lurking inside us. A hunger that compelled us into action. A thirst that drove us into the wild. A demon that breathed voices from the void: We had to Shockwave ourselves out of this spiritual inertia!

“Fashion for transformation”

But where to begin this great escape?

Well, it said that that clothes do not make the man, but rather that men make the clothes.

Be that as it may, clothes still are a reflection our who we are. They tell the story about our identity, about how we see ourselves. By the way we dress we signal to others how they should see us. And maybe even how we see ourselves. So let us start there, the way we see ourselves. Let us imagine who we aspire to be and dress the part.

And so we designed clothes that accentuates masculine forms. Decorate it with prints or embroidery; signs and motifs which inspire feelings and principles of warriorhood in us. We started to create fashion for the purpose of kick starting our inner transformation.

“Who we are….”

Let us not be social security numbers with a weak set of opinions attached to it. Instead, let us be free and powerful. A man on a quest to master his destiny. And let us dress like it.

Let us not be weak man controlled by the impulses of the moment. Instead let us be inspired by a passion that flows straight from the eternal. And let us dress like it.

Let not be satisfied with being average citizens, let us rise to be legendary influencers. Rebelious
figthers. Youthful glamour. And let us dress like it.

For we are Shockwave. We make fashion for modern warriors. We are rebellion. We make fashion for
ourselves. We are warriors. We are rebels. We are Shockwave!

“Join the Rebellion”

Of course we have strong opinions, but we are inclined to appear politically neutral. Of course we carry within us our own judgments on cultural phenomena, but we desire to present ourselves unaligned. You see, our rebellion is more implicit and subtle than that. It is more spiritual than that.

We do not care what you choose to stand up for, as long as you are standing. We do not care what you are rebelling against, as long as you are rebelling. We do not care whether you are buying our clothes, because – as we have stated – our fashion is first and foremost for ourselves. As long as you are dressing purposely. And beyond that, you make your own decisions.

The past is dead, eyes are set…. Shockwave is next!